Sample Bundling

Receiving your samples just got smarter

Save HUGE Shipping Costs For Your Samples

Having your samples shipped individually is expensive.
Instead you can send them all to us, we bundle them into one box
and forward them to you as one shipment.

$25 instead of $80

Example: Ship 10 Samples from China to You

By Yourself

ship 10 samples individually at $80 each = $800



With Minted

ship 10 samples bundled into 1 box = $120

bundle fee 10 samples at $25 each = $250


Savings With Minted Bundling: $430

Fill The Form

Fill the form on this page with all information about your samples. This ensures that we can proceed as fast and efficient as possible, providing you with affordable rates and cutting down your shipping costs.

Send Your Samples

Arrange your factories to send us your samples. We make your life easy by providing an email template for you in english and chinese. It contains all information your supplier needs for sending us your samples.

We Bundle

For each of the samples that we receive we make a picture and send it to you. Only after your confirmation we bundle it with into the right carton. Once all your samples arrived we send them to you.

Q & A

What if I send more than 1 sample from the same supplier?

Each sample shipment is charges with 25$. That is for each shipment we receive.
Is one of your suppliers sending 2 or 3 samples we count it as 1 sample shipment.
Is one of your suppliers sending 4 or more samples the fee increases by 25$ for every 3 samples in addition.

Are the shipping costs included into your 25$ bundling fee?

No the shipping costs for your bundled samples from China to you is not included. A 3kg shoe box comes at around 100$

What if the samples I want to bundle do not all fit into one carton for shipping?

Sample bundling orders where all samples together cannot be fitted into a carton sized 50x50x50cm (19.5x19.5x19.5 inch) will be split into 2 or more cartons.
Additional shipping costs apply.

What products can NOT be bundled?

For handling reasons we do not accept samples bigger than 40x30x30cm (15.6x11.7x11.7 inch) or similar volume.
If you are not clear with whether we can accept your sample, just reach out to us prior your order to clarify.

Any further questions? We are happy to help!

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